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TCHO PureNotes™ Dark Chocolate Bars

TCHO PureNotes™ Dark Chocolate Bars
Overall Rating TCHO PureNotes™ Dark Chocolate Bars
  • No added flavourings
  • Organic; most TCHO chocolate is Fairtrade Certified
  • Would we buy it? Yes Retail Price $4.69 Where can you buy it? Grocery Stores
    Health Food Stores
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    Like the complex flavours of a fine wine, TCHO chocolate will enchant taste buds with subtle notes and flavours.  TCHO chocolatiers fine-tune the flavours of Organic and Fair Trade Certified cacao sourced worldwide to express peak flavour notes; there are no added flavourings, just pure dark chocolate.  One square is the perfect delectable treat.  We tried "Citrus" and with it's light, crisp notes, TCHO PureNotes™ Dark "Citrus" Chocolate Bar pairs well with a warm mug of green tea!  Also available in "Fruity", "Chocolately" and "Nutty", these exquisite dark chocolate bars are sure to entice even the most refined palates!